Every year there are 2,50,000 children who are born in India with heart disease. Of these about 40% are critical and require surgery within the first year of their lives. However only about 10,000 children receive this life-saving treatment every year.


In Tamil Nadu alone there are more than 50,000 children waiting for relief through surgery. Since these are mostly children from underprivileged families, they undergo years of suffering, of constant illness, of being listless, poor in studies, unable to concentrate on studies, weak and unable to play games, irritable, unhappy due to an unexplained discomfort - in turn giving parents an agonizing time, helpless at the condition of their child, unable to treat them.


CHIME comes to the rescue of such parents where we take over their financial burden, spare them of debts, and garner funds for the little one to have a good recovery and regain normal life like other children, integrating them back to mainstream...


As of now our relief has reached just a miniscule proportion of society and the population no doubt, but however a big difference to these children and their families. In these eight years we have reached out to over 800 children - children who would have been otherwise unable to afford these surgeries. Our success is mainly because of the good will and large heartedness of our patrons and well wishers such as you, who have supported this program.


Your thoughtfulness indeed brings happiness and makes this world a better place for these children and their families.


Thanks so much for your touch.


CHIME was launched to build a bridge between you and them was started in September 2007 to aid children in need. We reach out to children not only in our country but to children from across the world who suffers from Congenital Heart Disease.


It is heartening to note that in this short span of 10 years, CHIME together with MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care have undertaken more than 800 free / subsidized heart surgeries for children coming from poor socio-economic status.



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