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What CHIME has achieved till date
Over 800 surgeries were supported by CHIME in the last 10 years. While MIOT provides the initial capital, state-of-the-art infrastructure and the team of competent, committed doctors, a lot of support and resources have been forthcoming from organizations, various communities and individuals from different parts of India and the world. This has been our silver lining.


  • Shuaib Hussain aged 3 Years from Jeshore, Bangladesh

  • Health Issue: Rheumatic Heart Disease, Mitral valve regurgigation, S/p Mitral Valve repair, congestive heart failure requiring open heart surgery and mitral valve replacement

Shuaib Hussain from Jeshore, Bangladesh was 3 years old when his mother and his grandfather, a farm labourer decided to bring him to India for treatment in Aug 2012. The child was too weak to breathe and he had travelled by train from Kolkatta after crossing the border. For a little money Shuaib’s father had mortgaged his Auto rickshaw. The story goes that the child was taken for treatment to Kolkatta and as his condition did not improve they were told of hospitals down south. They carried the child who was pale and listless by then, and finally came to MIOT Hospitals.


Shuaib Hussain was diagnosed with Congenital Mitral Regurgitation

Large PDA with LR Shunt with Moderate PAH
Surgery proposed - PDA Closure, valve repair & Replacement

Approximate cost - 1,80,000/-


As a foreign national and the urgency of the matter, there was no time for publishing an appeal. On line Mails were sent to donors with required details - their prompt response helped us to raise funds and there were volunteers who booked their return tickets as well.


Suddenly in March 2013, Shuaib and his parents returned - the child was in a critical state. Doctors diagnosed this time as Rheumatic Heart Disease, Mitral valve regurgitation, S/p Mitral Valve repair, congestive heart failure. Shuaib required an urgent redo open heart surgery and mitral valve replacement. The cost of this with surgery, investigations and PO care, including hospital stay could be in the range of Rs.3,50,000/-. Again we knocked on the doors of our patrons - so compassionate and caring. This time the parents came with a little funds which would be 25% of the cost.


The doctors were initially skeptical as the child was critical, put on ventilator on arrival for a week before surgery could be undertaken. But skill and commitment of our team of doctors, the care and commitment at the PICU and the compassion of all our well-wishers helped Shuaib make a steady, slow but wonderful recovery.

  • Athimuthu aged 7 years from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

  • Health Issue: Chemoport insertion and treatment for infection

At 7 years, Athimutu had an irritation in the eye. Constant visits to the ophthalmologist could not help and finally was diagnosed as leukemia. He had had treatment in Madurai and later hearing of MIOT Hospitals the parents had come to Chennai. Athimuthu’s Father works as a clerk in an office in suburban Madurai. Last month the parents sold all they had, to do a bone marrow transplant.


The child was recommended a Chemoport insertion and treatment for infection. For the last lap of Chemotherapy the parents required an estimated amount of Rs.50000.


CHIME Officers meet Heads of Units to work out cases which may need support financially. Thereafter Dr. Chezhian had referred this patient for aid. CHIME contributed Rs.50,000/- towards the procedure as was detailed in the estimate for chemotherapy.


  • Vasantha Krishnan from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

  • Health Issue: Tetrology of Fallot (ToF), severe infundibular, valvar and supravalvar PS requiring Intra Cardiac Repair.

Vasantha Krishnan's father works at an eatery in Moolakadai, Chennai. Since the delivery of her baby, the wife has not been working due to child’s health. Vasantha Krishnan was diagnosed with a heart problem.


His father who was told about MIOT Hospitals brought him to the hospital and the child was put on medication. When medication was alone not sufficient the doctors suggested surgery. The surgery costs were estimated to be around Rs.1.6 Lacs. CHIME collected funds through Appeal in news prints and aided Venkatachalam for both surgeries.

  • Anburoja aged 13 years from Mathumadakkai Village, Ariyalur District, Tamilnadu, India

  • Health Issue: Diagnosis - Severe Post Subclavian Coarction of Aorta, PDA requiring Coarctation Stenting + PDA Device Closure

Studying in 7th standard, Anbu Roja has a hearing and speech impairment. She was diagnosed with severe Post Subclavian Coarction of Aorta, PDA requiring Coarctation Stenting & PDA Device Closure. She was getting treated at Egmore Children’s hospital with medication. She was directed to have surgery but being financially low and the child also being very weak the parents had not gone ahead.


It was at a collectors meeting that the child and parents were encouraged by the collector to take up the surgery and directed to MIOT. The surgery cost was estimated to be Rs. 1Lac and CHIME aided treatment by collections made through appeal and Anburoja was treated successfully.

  • Kannan aged 23 years from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

  • Health Issue: Valve problem - Surgery proposed - Baloon mitral valvotomy

Kannan used to have constant cold and cough and pain in the chest. Although the pain in the chest was diagnosed as muscular pain, the Echo identified a valve problem. Baloon mitral valvotomy surgery was proposed to treat the abnormality and the cost for same was estimated about Rs.90000.


However, Kannan who did not have a sound financial background managed to claim Rs.35000 through government fund and the gap of Rs.55000 was offered by CHIME from the funds available as it was a case of emergency.

  • Maruthapandi, a new born from Ariyalur, Tamilnadu, India

  • Health Issue: Valve problem - Surgery proposed - Baloon mitral valvotomy

Maruthapandi is a premature baby and was admitted for nearly a month in hospital thereafter in incubation in his place of birth. Diagnosed with heart problem but doctors assured that child can be medically managed, and care should be taken and that the child could be operated after 2 years. However after a year when the child fell ill the doctors referred them to MIOT Hospitals and Dr. Robert diagnosed with Tetralogy of fallot requiring Intra Cardiac Repair.


Maruthapandi’s parents were not financially comfortable for a surgery as they made low wages as farmers which was also to be given up for their stay in Chennai. As the parents could not afford for the surgery which was estimated to cost Rs.1.6 Lacs, they were referred to CHIME by Dr. Robert. CHIME aided the surgery and Maruthapandi was fit and fine when returned with his parents to their hometown.


  • Tora Mondal from Kolkatta, India

  • Health Issue: DORV, Complete AV Canal Defect, requiring PA Banding

Tora’s father is a car driver in Kolkatta. Tora was identified with the problem which was detected during sonography but the parents were not told. The child also had pneumonia after birth and was treated.


Friends of Tora's father who worked in a stainless steel shop in Chennai told him about CHIME and MIOT Hospitals when they knew the child was suffering. They also asked him to bring his child here to Chennai and everyone played a significant role on raising funds. The parents immediately came to Chennai with whatever money they had.


The child was detected with DORV, Complete AV Canal Defect which required PA Banding. The treatment cost was estimated to be around Rs.1,50,000.


They collected some funds from local contacts here and CHIME aided them with the rest to complete the treatment required to cure Tora’s ailment.


  • Venkatachalam aged 2.5 months from Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India

  • Health Issue: Truncus Arteriosis - Advised Open heart surgery and conduit repair

The baby was referred to a hospital in Coimbatore by the relatives and friends and was diagnosed with a heart ailment. The costs were unaffordable for treatment and as the parents were unable to get any concession they were unable to move further.


Just at that time the ad in the paper read about the free camp at Chennai at MIOT Hospitals and they came here for a checkup. Dr. Robert referred them to CHIME. The child was identified with a complication referred as Truncus Arteriosis and was recommended to undergo Open Heart Surgery and Conduit repair. The treatment was estimated about Rs.2.5Lacs. Recently Venkatachalam returned to MIOT Hospitals. This time he required a severe aortic regurgitation s/p truncus arteriosis repair advised early open heart surgery.


CHIME collected funds through appeal in newsprints and aided Venkatachalam for both surgeries.

  • Karuppusamy & Vennila aged 7 & 3 years respectively from Virudunagar, Tamilnadu, India

  • Health Issue: Congenital heart problems

Selvam is a building laborer and with two ill children the mother could no more contribute to the income. Selvam left the family and went to Mumbai as he was assured better wages in an eatery.


Selvam’s family had a history of congenital disease. Both children of Selvam, Karupusamy and Venilla had heart disease.


Venilla’s condition seemed critical and hence the first surgery was done with support from CHIME in order to avoid delay by waiting for funds through government insurance plans.


They were diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF), pulmonary atresia, S/p Right Unifocalisation. Karuppusamy required a second surgery as well.


CHIME supported both children with financial assistance required for the surgeries.


  • Lavanya aged 23 from Chennai, Tamilnadu

  • Health Issue: Underwent Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) and required implant

Lavanya has been adopted by her relatives in Chennai as her parents were very poor and she was a sick child. They realized she had a hole in the heart and was operated at another city hospital in 2008. But when the problem recurred she had come to MIOT.


Although she has had a Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) done in 2008, she was requiring an implant costing about Rs.1,75,000/-. Lavanya walked into CHIME office and asked if she could get any help. She was also trying all her contacts to get part of the funds and managed to procure 75% of the estimated cost.


CHIME took care of the rest and offered 25% of the contribution for the implant. Lavanya is married today and had even visited the hospital to invite all for her wedding.

  • Dinesh aged 4 Months

  • Health Issue: AV canal repair

Dinesh was about 4 months old when brought to MIOT Hospitals. Dinesh’s parents were very poor, daily wage earners with four children. Dinesh was youngest of them all.


He was diagnosed with AV canal repair, the treatment for which was estimated about Rs. 70,000/ for the procedure. The child developed complications which sometimes happen due to the invasive treatment and treating this condition again required a small surgery to the urethra and pediatric care. All this was again supported by CHIME.


Five years down the line, Dinesh and his parents visited MIOT Hospitals for a checkup and paid a visit to CHIME as well. It was wonderful to see the little one sprightly and active.


  • Anbarassan aged 10 Years from Pudukottai, Tamilnadu, Chennai

  • Health Issue: Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) with pulmonary atresia - it was felt that he required three stages of surgery.

Anbarassan was suffering from recurring condition of breathlessness, with nails turning black when his heart stopped functioning etc. His parents were daily wage earners in a farm land in Pudukottai.


Anbarassan was advised for Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) with pulmonary atresia and was recommended that he required three stages of surgery. The entire treatment and surgery cost was estimated to be in the range of Rs.5 lakhs. As it was a staggered surgery in three phases, CHIME was able to garner funds through well-wishers, appeals etc.


Anbarassan had come for a checkup last September and is doing well and very happy.

  • Vignesh aged 14 Years from Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu, India

  • Health Issue: Tricuspid Valve repair & Valve replacement

Vignesh’s father is a daily wage earner in a small factory in Kancheepuram, processing foods. His mother is a home maker. Vignesh was diagnosed with health issues that demanded Tricuspid Valve repair and Valve replacement. The total cost for treatment was estimated around Rs.2,50,000.


This case was our first appeal in The Hindu and we collected 75% of the cost. The rest was borne by the parents. Vignesh is a very active teenager now and has joined engineering college.

  • Anuradha aged 17, from Panruti, Tamilnadu:

  • Surgery: Pericardial Patch closure of Ostium Secundum ASD

Anuradha hails from a poor family in Panrutti Taluk where her father works as a daily wage earner. When Anuradha was a baby, she was diagnosed to have a congenital defect for which an open heart surgery was necessary. Sadly the family could not afford it and the thought of serious surgeries like this could not even be imagined by this family due to their financial constraints, the danger and the seriousness of it.


Lately a relative who visited them from Chennai mentioned to them about CHIME. This is how Anuradha and her parents came to MIOT Hospitals. As she was over 16, she was not eligible for government funds. This pushed the family to sell whatever jewellery they had and borrowed a little money as her surgery was going to cost around Rs1.5 lakhs.


CHIME came forward and helped Anuradha through funds received from a Trust, through individual donors who responded to an appeal in the papers and finally the difference filled in from funds in CHIME. 


And now after her successful surgery, Anuradha comes to MIOT Hospitals & CHIME for her regular check ups and it’s heartening to note that she has now resumed College.

  • Baby of Radha, 19 days, from Dindugul, Tamilnadu:

  • Surgery: Arterial switch operation. PTFE Patch closure of VSD

Baby of Radha was hardly 18 days old when she was rushed to Hospital. The baby was diagnosed with heart ailment a few days before the delivery when the mother Radha underwent a routine scan. Radha & her husband Harish who is a paraplegic, decided to go through with the delivery and immediately after birth they travelled from Dindugul to a prominent Hospital in Bangalore but were told that they did not have facilities for neonatal surgery and hence were directed to MIOT Hospitals.


Radha's little one is the second one born to these parents who are consanguineously married. They have a 5 years old daughter. Radha's husband works as a welding mechanic.


The estimated cost of this surgery was to be anything in the range of 2 lakhs. The surgery took place when the baby was just 23 days old and had to remain in the ICU for 8 days considering the critical nature.


The unfailing determination and anguish faced by the parents was very perceptible. CHIME came to their rescue in such an emergency situation.


Today we are happy that the child is back home and was named Rakesh while at the hospital itself. 

  • Ramesh, approximately 14 years from Kolathur, Thiruannamalai Taluk, Tamilnadu:

  • Procedure: Repair of Pentalogy, Pericardial Patch, Reconstruciton of Pulmonary Valve, Pericardial Patch closure of ASD

Ramesh was identified as a child who requires immediate medical attention during the Thiruannamalai Heart Camp conducted by MIOT Hospitals and CHIME on August 29th 2008.


Ramesh is the only child and his mother who is a widow works as an agricultural labour.

Ramesh's mother an illiterate and ignorant - was unaware of her child's complicated condition. Because of her poverty she could do nothing when she realised that something was wrong with the child when the child suffered with swelling, lack of appetite, listlessness, etc... at the age of 5. Ramesh in spite of all these odds was a determined student at 10th standard in a government school.


Ramesh mother understood the critical condition of her son only during their visit to the Thiruannamalai Heart Camp. Later Ramesh was brought to MIOT through CHIME and now after his surgery he has been advised rest for two months before he can rejoin his school.


Like Ramesh, five other children of whom 2 were girls, all from the Thiruannamalai camp came to Chennai for surgeries and corrections that needed immediate attention. All of them were blissfully unaware of their critical health condition.


Ray of hope
These are bright children, for whom a ray of hope is necessary to spread light into their world and that of their hapless families. Since these are mostly children from underprivileged families they undergo years of suffering, of constant illness, of ill health, of neglect, of being left out of normal activities which children take part in, of seeing the helpless look on the faces of their parents who have no options but watch their child suffer.


This neglect is the result of fear of a vital surgery, the cost which usually makes the parent avoid, withdraw, no proper guidance regarding access to treatment. CHIME is willing to conduct on request camps in districts of Tamil Nadu for awareness regarding congenital heart disease, identifying children with heart disease (which often goes unnoticed with symptoms like constant cold, congestion, respiratory problems etc), and to undertake the surgery if the identified child/children are from families which have no economic backing.


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