MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care

Cardiac care for children, unlike for adults, is an area that requires specialization of the highest degree - from the equipment used, to specialized medical skills, as it involves treatment even for children who are a day old.


In India, children's health is one of the most vital issues affecting the growth of our country. Children are the future of our nation. When young children or new-born babies are affected with heart disease, it already puts a strain on the nation's strength. At MIOT Hospitals we felt our intervention could help save a life and thus contribute to the development of our nation. We realized the need for a dedicated centre considering the phenomenal statistics regarding Congenital Heart Conditions, especially affecting children in India due to ignorance, poverty, and inability to reach the right point for treatment.


MIOT Hospitals is one of the few Hospitals in the country equipped with a Paediatric Heart Care Centre. Launched in March 2007, “MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care” aims at providing comprehensive Paediatric and Cardiac Surgical Care, comparable to the world’s best.


It is equipped with the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment, specialized for treating even day old babies and an excellent Paediatric ICU with dedicated nurses.


An experienced and renowned team of paediatric cardiac professionals is led by Director & Chief Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Robert Coelho. Dr. Robert Coelho has already performed over 5000 surgeries and is one of the pioneers of very complex surgeries in neonates and infants.


The MIOT Centre for Children's Cardiac Care team has performed over 2000 successful cardiac surgeries for children - be it a preterm baby weighing 1.6 kg or a baby just 2days old or even a new born.


The “MIOT Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care” treats patients not only from various states of India, but also from neighbouring countries of the Middle East, Sri Lanka and Africa.


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